Learning Chinese in 21 days …

When I am travelling to a country, I try to learn and speak a bit of the language as I think it helps building relationships with people, as well as behaving local (food, …).

I built this habit back when I used to work for Carrefour and I was travelling abroad to open countries and stores, and I sticked to it since then.

Going on holidays in China by the end of May, I am now facing the challenge to learn the language, or at least as much as I can in, less than 4 weeks.

Not that Chinese is totally new for me, because I worked 15 days on the Carrefour Hong Kong store opening (closed since then), and for some weeks / monthes in Taiwan for Fnac opening in this country.

From these experience, I still now how to order a beer, very useful, whatever country you are in ;-), as well as a few words but it was more than 10 years ago …

So I am now moving on this task using a very well done podcast called PodOmatic | Podcast – ChinoisFacile . Try it by yourself, and xià huí jiàn !

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