Kindle is arriving in France, in time for Christmas

3 years ago, I bought a Kindle in the US, and since then I have been carrying it everywhere : US fictions, Sci-Fi, french classics (there are free !), instapaper daily feed of stuff I can’t read during the day are filling it with enough stuff to read during a lifetime ! It’s light, its screen is flawless in sunlight as well as during night (love the LED light attached to the cover) and the batter is lasting forever, even with reading it every evening with the LED light !

And now, the Kindle is at least arriving to France with a new model : cheaper, lighter and smaller. Compare to mine, it’s missing 3G (WhisperNet) and keyboard, 2 features that proved to be nearly useless. I always synchronize it at home, and only seldomly found myself buying a book abroad and getting through 3G. Regarding the keyboard, it was pretty clumsy (small keys) and there was nearly no need for it.

If you are a reader, don’t hesitate and jump to get one, you will never regret it, as it’s close to perfect to reading (and only doing this), and competition is really far from them. The Kindle is not a tablet and try to pack features, it is only good for one thing but really good for it.

Think I will get one to Dad for Chrismas, as I hesitate last year with the lack of French novels, gap that is now about to be filled.

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