New Ikea factory : an unique opportunity for Dijon and Morvan

The local newspapers have been buzzing with the news lately : Ikea is considering opening a new factory, and Dijon is one of the city willing to host it. I sincerely hope that we will got this deal, because we need it badly, and Dijon, along with Burgondy, have a lot of unique advantages for such a project …


Location : Dijon is seated at an unique poition is the center of France and Europe*, with every means of transportation available : highways (A6/A31/36/A39), train with high speed lines bound to North, South and Eath, and even "green" fluvial transport through the "Canal de Bourgogne" !

Wood lumbers : Dijon is located next to the Morvan, with high quality woods and an expertise unique in France regarding wood and its transformation (ApprovalBois is partnering with the city of Dijon to win the deal). In the Morvan wood used to be the main economical activity of the region with the floating of heating wood to Paris (the last float took place at the beginning of the 20th century). Since then, the Morvan forests have been largely underused and lately, wood transformation and added value operations related ot it, has been identified as a key development for the next years in Morvan. And if the Morvan timbers are not enough, you can be sure that nearby Jura will be ready to satisfy the factory needs 😉

Workforce : By seating its factory in Dijon, Ikea is sure to get a professional, skilled and motivated workforce. What’s more to be said ?

I’m pretty sure that the local autorities, working on the candidature of Dijon, will explain and showcase these points to Ikea management team. Let’s hope that they will succeed bringing to the center of Burgundy this unique opportunity of development.

* : By the way, do you know that the center of the Euro zone happen to be in Mhere in the Nièvre department, 100 Kms West of Dijon ? It used to be in Montreuillon (nice place to fish), but was somehow shifted to the East 2 years ago with the last countries entering the Euro zone.

Références :

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Dijon : Ikea envisage un 2e projet d’usine en Europe (Le Journal de Saône et Loire)

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