Securely backing up my MacBook Pro


In a previous post titled "Living with Leopard ", I expressed my concerns regarding the security of backups performed using Time Machine. Due to these security issues, I discarded Time Machine and continues using SuperDuper with an encrypted Disk Image sitting on my external hard drive.


But yesterday, a post steers my attention and bring under my scrutiny TrueCrypt 5.1 . This open source product is one of the most (if not the most) powerful encryption product available : truly cross platform encryption (Windows / Linux / OS X), ability to encrypt entire volume, preboot support for Windows, …, the list of features goes on ! Alas, this is still not the graal I was looking for, since an external hard drive fully encrypted by TrueCrypt is still not usable under TimeMachine (please Apple, give us any volume support …), but TrueCrypt exceeds any other product regarding speed, features and compatibility.

So I now perform backup of my MackBook Pro using an TrueCrypt encrypted external hard drive (sitting on my desk), and SuperDuper with SmartSync, until Apple give us full feature TimeMachine …

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