How to set up Huawei E220 Wireless Modem on OS X 10.5 (Leopard) to connect to the SFR Network

As a sequel to my job, I am the lucky and privileged user of a 3G+/HSDPA Huawei Wireless modem (E220). Alas, since I upgraded in December my MacBook Pro to Leopard, I was unable to connect to the SFR Network, despite a lot of (unsuccessful) tries.

Due to the many tries, I was also beginning to encounter various network problems on my Mac, especially when switching beetween different network configurations. Therefore, I decided yesterday evening to wipe my macbook, to perform a clean install of Leopard, and to get rid of this piece of crap which is the Vodafone Dashboard for OS X (not even a Universal Binary).



My efforts were rewarded since I am now the proud user of a fully functional MacBook Pro running Leopard, and able to connect wirelessly to the Internet at speed varying from hundreds ok Bps to Mbs Laughing. Here is the recipe :

  • Download the E220 drivers for OS X from this link :
  • Install the drivers for your architecture, Intel or Motorola and keep the HuaweiDataCardApp in a handly place
  • Run the HuaweiDataCardApp and input your APN (if unsure of your APN, check with your operato. For public SFR dataplan, websfr should work).
  • Go to "System Preferences / Network / Location / Edit Locations" and add a new location named "HSDPA" for example
  • Next switch to this location and add a new configuration named "SFR"
  • As a phone number, use "*99#" and don’t use any username/password (leave blank)
  • Click Advanced and click on the modem tab. Choose Other, and then Huawei Mobile Connect as a modem. Verify that "Error Correction" is checked, and verify that the dial mode is on "Ignore dial when dialing". Click on the PPR tab, choose the settings "Config" and make sure that "Send PPP echopackets" is unchecked.
  • Click on Apply, and get back to the main Network Preferences screen. Click on Connect and you should be up and running !
  • If you want to get details on your connexion, download and run the CheetahWatch App .

Enjoy !

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