Windows 7 : Thumbs up, Microsoft !

The first time Windows 7 Beta went mainstream, I gave it a try. But it falled short of my expectations by this time : Running Windows 7 in a VMware Fusion virtual machine, I was unable to run Java applications and the system kept crashing every few minutes. Therefore I decided to postpone playing with Windows 7, until a more polished version was available.


I took the opportunity this week to set up a new release, only to find out that everything was running smoothly now on my MacBook Pro. Being a veteran of Microsoft OS beta testing since Windows NT 3.1 (it was tough being a beta tester at this time !), I decided to run on the bleeding edge and to set up Windows 7 as the sole OS running on my MacBook Pro !

And having been running Windows 7 for a week now, I might say that Windows 7 is clearly what Vista should have been. Out of some problems with IE8, I tried Office 2007 / Visio 2007 / Project 2007, Adobe CS4, Safari 4 Beta, Firefox 3, Vodafone Mobile Connect, NetScreen VPN SSL Client, FileZilla, Royal TS, iTunes, Encarta 2009, and all these applications have been running smoothly.

The only things I am missing form the Cuppertino OS are the network configuration tool and iLife’09. And even if I prefer running OS X at home, I will stick with Windows 7 on my professional notebook.

Apple beware, there’s a new id on the block, it’s look promising and it will a good thing for consumers.

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