Is it serious ? No Windows 7 64 bits drivers for the Dell Z600

Dell is the perfect school example of a company reaching the top, and declining quickly.

With the Z600, they did a good job : a nice looking, quiet,16″ screen, full of features, secure and powerful computer. Add a weight around 1.5 Kgs and around 8 to 10 hours autonomy, and you got my preferred workhorse.


Alas, as many other users of this superb piece of hardware, I have been waiting for the Windows 7 64 bits drivers to be released. Not that it will change the user experience, or the performance of the system, but many softwares are now released in 64 bits version, and some as PhotoShop CS 5 are even released ONLY in 64 bits versions !

So Michael, it’s about time to get your mind together, get back to your customers and listen to them (and don’t forget to publish 64 bits driver for Z600 …)

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